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«Re-Engineering» Dual Training – The Malaysian Experience


Gert Loose, Georg Spöttl and Yusoff Md. Bin Sahir

Contents: Kofi A. Annan: Excerpt from a Letter by the Former Secretary-General to the President of the UN General Assembly [A/56/422, 28 September 2001] – Steven K. Miller: A New Partnership to Prepare Young People for the Knowledge Economy: The Secretary-General’s Youth Employment Network – Georg Spöttl: Learning through the Work Process - Challenges and the Shaping of Skill Requirements – Hermann W. Schmidt: Education and Training in Private-Public- Parntership: The German Experience – Andy Smith: The Employer’s Role in Developing Skills for the New Economy in Australia – Gert Loose: Can We Link and Match Training in the «Dual System» with Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET)? A Discussion Note – Zanifa Md. Zain: Malaysian Government Policies on Human Resources Development: Towards Meeting the Needs of the Knowledge-Based Economy – Gert Loose/Abdul Hakim Juri: Experience-Based Training for Malaysia: Private-Sector Involvement in Training K-Workers – Georg Spöttl/Matthias Becker: Work Process Analyses - An Essential Tool for Qualification and Curriculum Research – Datuk Paul Low Seng Kuan: Meeting the Needs of Industry: The Challenge to Training and Education Institutions – Dato Ahamad bin Sipon: Educational Strategies for the K-Economy: Laying the Foundation for A Flexible and Competent Workforce – Tan Sri Rainer Althoff: Siemens’ Strategy for the Transformation of Global Needs into Market Success through the Concept of «People Excellence» – Shyamal Majumdar: Emerging Generic Skills & Challenges of Learning Systems: Training K-Workers – Pang Chau Leong: A Historical Account of Skills Training in Malaysia.