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Religion, Religionlessness and Contemporary Western Culture

Explorations in Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Theology


Stephen Plant and Ralf K. Wüstenberg

Contents: Jens Zimmermann: Beyond Fundamentalism and Postmodernism: Bonhoeffer’s Theology and the Crisis of Western Culture – Craig J. Slane: Existing for God in an Age of Theology’s Disestablishment: Prospects for the Christian University – Jochen Bohn: Bonhoeffer’s Religionlessness: Foundation of an as-if Theology – Ursula O’Donovan: Bonhoeffer’s «Religionless Christianity» and his «Non-religious Interpretation of Biblical Concepts» in the Light of his Concept of oikoumene – Jennifer McBride: Thinking within the Movement of Bonhoeffer’s Theology: Towards a Christological Reinterpretation of Repentance – Tom Greggs: Religionless Christianity in a Complexly Religious and Secular World: Thinking through and beyond Bonhoeffer.