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Educational Challenges Regarding Military Action


Hubert Annen and Wolfgang Royl

Contents: Philip J. Rossi, SJ: Historical and Cultural Contexts for «Just War» Doctrine – Asa Kasher: The Gaza Campaign («Operation cast lead») and the Just War theory – Juha Mäkinen: Creating a Unified Framework for Future-Oriented Education of Military Ethics – Wolfgang Royl: The Universal Code of Ethics and its Mind-Leading Function in Military Conflicts? – Hermann Jung: Situational Ethics and Cultural Awareness for Task Forces during Intervention-Stabilization-Transformation Operations (IST) – Hubert Annen: Current challenges of Swiss military pedagogy – Bo Talerud: Ethics, Ethos and National Culture – Harold Simpson: Designing a Defence Studies Curriculum – Tamir Libel: Late Bloomers - Professionalising Israel Defence Forces – Juha Mäkinen: The learning and knowledge creating school - Case of the Finnish National Defence College – Wolfgang Royl: On the Mutual Compatibility of Obedience and Conscience – Gavril Malos/Toma Plesanu/Sorina Mardar: Ethical Code in Romanian Defence Acquisition Domain – Radomir Saliger/Antonin Müller: Structural Changes at Czech Education System in New Security Environment – Victoria Syme-Taylor: Innovative Teaching Methods in Military Pedagogy – David Hall: Clio and Mars on Tour. Applied History – Battlefield Tours and Staff Rides in contemporary professional military education – Can Nakkas/Hubert Annen: Portfolio Assessment – Achieving Sustainability in Officers’ Education – Antti-Tuomas Pulkka: Strategies and Challenges in Officer’s Training and Education – Luiza Kraft: Eurocompetences for E.U. standards in the military education system - The case of foreign language teaching in «Carol Ist» National Defense University, Bucharest, Romania.