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Glimpses into an Expanding Universe

Francisco Ortega and Fernando Vidal

Contents: Fernando Vidal/Francisco Ortega: Approaching the Neurocultural Spectrum: An Introduction – Francisco Ortega: Toward a Genealogy of Neuroascesis – John Tresch: Experimental Ethics and the Science of the Meditating Brain – Gesa Lindemann: Neuronal Expressivity: On the Road to a New Naturalness – Eric Racine/Zoë Costa-von Aesch: Neuroscience’s Impact on our Self-Identity: Perspectives from Ethics and Public Understanding – Maurizio Meloni: The Cerebral Subject at the Junction of Naturalism and Antinaturalism – Alain Ehrenberg: The «Social» Brain: An Epistemological Chimera and a Sociological Truth – Nicolas Langlitz: Political Neurotheology: Emergence and Revival of a Psychedelic Alternative to Cosmetic Psychopharmacology – Jurandir Freire Costa: Psychoanalysis and the Cerebral Subject – Simon Cohn: Visualizing Disgust: Subtractions and Assimilations in the Production of Neuroscientific Knowledge – Margaret Lock: Seduced by Plaques and Tangles: Alzheimer’s Disease and the Cerebral Subject – Scott Vrecko: On the Political Economy of the «Gambling Brain» – Cathy Gere: «Nature’s Experiment:» Epilepsy, Localization of Brain Function and the Emergence of the Cerebral Subject – Benilton Bezerra: Looking for Experience in the Brain: Psychoanalysis and the Project of Naturalizing Mind – Susan Aldworth: The Physical Brain and the Sense of Self: An Artists’s Exploration – Robert Zwijnenberg: Brains, Art, and the Humanities – Valeria Gennero: Larger Than Our Biologies: Identity and Consciousness in Contemporary Fiction – Fernando Vidal: Fiction Film and the Cerebral Subject.