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A Dream Within a Dream

Studies in Japanese Thought


Prof. Steven Heine

The Author: Steven Heine, former Fulbright Researcher and a professor of religion at LaSalle University, has published a book on comparative philosophy, Existential and Ontological Dimensions of Time in Heidegger and Dôgen (with a translation of Dôgen's «Uji» fascicle), and on Japanese religio-aesthetics, A Blade of Grass: Japanese Poetry and Aesthetics in Dôgen Zen (with a translation of Dôgen's poetry collection øPeter Lang, 1989!). Heine is also the editor and partial translator of Masao Abe's A Study of Dôgen: His Philosophy of Religion, and he is currently working on a book examining the relation between Dôgen and the Zen kôan tradition.