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Mistaken Identities

The Second Wave of Controversy over «Political Correctness»

Cyril Levitt, Scott Davies and Neil McLaughlin

Contents: Scott Davies/Cyril Levitt/Neil McLaughlin: Two Waves of Debate over Rights, Regulation and Reason – Daphne Patai: «There Ought to Be a Law» Sexual Harassment and the Drive for a Perfect Future – A. Alan Borovoy: Paradoxes of Equality – Neil W. Hamilton: Zealotry and the Fundamentalist Academic Left – Frank Furedi: The New Etiquette – Irving Louis Horowitz: Totalitarian Origins and Outcomes of Political Orthodoxy: Through a Soviet Looking Glass Darkly – Philip Resnick: Why PC? Why B.C.? – Rhoda E. Howard: Women’s Rights, Group Rights and the Erosion of Liberalism – Todd Gitlin: Marching on the English Department While the Right Took the White House – Rhoda E. Howard: Academic Freedom and Inclusivity in Canadian Universities – Patricia Marchak: Identity Politics in a Changing Culture – Vered Amit-Talai: Revolutionary Claims and Political Stalemates: A Review of the Relationship between Multiculturalism and Post-modernism – Karen L. Bird: Group Recognition in the Civic Republic: Citizenship, Equality and Pluralism in France – Sandra Martin: Deconstructing the Age of Equity – Louis Greenspan: Towards the Windmills? A Minority Report on the War Against PC – Barbara Ehrenreich/Janet McIntosh: The New Creationism: Biology Under Attack – Alan D. Sokal: Truth, Reason, Objectivity, and the Left – Barbara Epstein: At a Time of Danger and Opportunity, the Academic Left Should Take a Critical Look at Itself – Okey Chigbo: Reading, Writing & Racism: Black ideology is the black child’s most debilitating burden.