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The Politics and Machinations of Education Research

International Case Studies


Sue McGinty

Contents: Sue McGinty: Introduction – Alan Peshkin: Ten Common Issues for the Beginning Researcher – Urszula Clark: The Researcher and National Government-Sponsored Curriculum Research: Dilemmas, Contradictions, and «Squaring Circles» – Ambigapathy Pandian: Approaching Literacy Research in Malaysia – Lizanne DeStefano: Dilemmas in Evaluation Practice: When Standards Fall Short – Denis Ladbrook: Pitfalls in Doing Research for Government Bureaucracies – Neville Jennings: Building Bridges in School-Focused Research: The Australian Experience – Jo Carr: Action Research and the Language Classroom – Catherine M. Day: Research as a Religious Experience: Conducting a Case Study in a Catholic School Organization – R. Santhiram: Educational Research in Multiethnic School Settings: A Malaysian Experience – Jane M. Selby: Child Care in Remote Indigenous Australian Communities: Empowerment and Intervention – Mona El Ayoubi: Exploring Intercultural Communication in Research Practice – Wai-Kong Ng: Educational Technology Research and Its Dissemination in Malaysia.