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Education as Transformation

Religious Pluralism, Spirituality, and a New Vision for Higher Education in America

Victor H. Kazanjian Jr. and Peter L. Laurence

Contents: Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr./Peter L. Laurence: Preface – Diana Chapman Walsh: Transforming Education: An Overview – Parker J. Palmer: A Vision of Education as Transformation – David K. Scott: Spirituality in an Integrative Age – Cheryl H. Keen: Spiritual Assumptions Undergird Educational Priorities: A Personal Narrative – Andrés G. Niño: Spiritual Quest Among Young Adults – Arthur G. Zajonc: Molding the Self and the Common Cognitive Sources of Science and Religion – Patrick Morton: A Faculty Perspective on Magic, Meaning, and Desire in the Educational Process – Beverly Daniel Tatum: Changing Lives, Changing Communities: Building a Capacity for Connection in a Pluralistic Context – Suheil Badi Bushrui/James Malarkey: Education as Transformation: A Bahá’í Model of Education for Unity – Brad DrowningBear: The Transformation of DrowningBear – Arthur Green: Judaism, Religious Diversity, and the American Academy – John W. Healey: From Diversity to Pluralism: The Roman Catholic Challenge and the Roman Catholic Opportunity – Ji Hyang Sunim: Buddhism as a Pluralistic Tradition – Gurucharan Singh Khalsa: Pluralism, Awareness, and Mastery of the Mind: A Sikh Imperative for Education – Sulayman S. Nyang: American Pluralism, Islam, and the Challenges of Interfaith Dialogue for Muslims on the College Campus – Anantanand Rambachan: A Hindu Perspective on Moving from Religious Diversity to Religious Pluralism – Krister Stendahl: Religious Pluralism and the Claim to Uniqueness – Douglas C. Bennett: Quaker to the Core, Welcoming All – Shirley Hershey Showalter: Deep Calls to Deep: Spirituality and Diversity at Goshen College – James P. Keen: Appreciative Engagement of Diversity: E Pluribus Unum and the ‘Education’ as Transformation Project – Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr./Students of the Wellesley College Multi-Faith Council: Beyond Tolerance: From Mono-religious to Multi-religious Life at Wellesley College – Donna Bivens: The Possibility of Transformation: 25 Years Later – Janet Cooper Nelson: Burn the Ark: Kindling the Sacred at the Heart of American Higher Education – Robert M. Randolph: Building a Multi-faith Center at MIT – Susan Laemmle: Notes from a Jewish Dean of Religious Life: On Moving from Religious Diversity to Religious Pluralism – Frederic Bradford Burnham: LINKS: Establishing Communities of Dialogue on Campuses – Sally Z. Hare/Marcy Jackson/Rick Jackson: Teacher Formation: Identity, Integrity, and the Heart of a Teacher – Carol L. Flake: Teacher Education, Spiritual Transformation, & Child Advocacy – Claudia Horwitz: A Walk in the Wilderness – Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr./Peter L. Laurence: Conclusion.