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Communication and Global Society

Contents: Guo-Ming Chen/William J. Starosta: Communication and Global Society: An Introduction – Rueyling Chuang: Dialectics of Globalization and Localization – Mei Zhong: Dialectics of Identity and Diversity in the Global Society – Hui-Ching Chang: Reconfiguring the Global Society: «Greater China» as Emerging Community – Jensen Chung: The Challenge of Diversity in Global Organizations – Ringo Ma: Internet as a Town Square in Global Society – G. Richard Holt: «Village Work»: An Activity-Theoretical Perspective Toward Global Community on the Internet – Guo-Ming Chen: Global Communication via Internet: An Educational Application – Gary W. Larson: Globalization, Computer-Mediated Interaction, and Symbolic Convergence – Robert Shuter: Ethical Issues in Global Communication – D. Ray Heisey: Global Communication and Human Understanding – Mary Jane Collier: Reconstructing Cultural Diversity in Global Relationships: Negotiating the Borderlands – Sue Wildermuth: Social Exchange in Global Space – Leda Cooks: Conflict, Globalization, and Communication – William J. Starosta/Guo-Ming Chen: Listening Across Diversity in Global Society – Barbara S. Monfils: Implications of Communication and Globalization for Future Research: End Remarks.