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Pidgin and Creole Linguistics in the Twenty-First Century


Glenn Gilbert

Contents: Glenn Gilbert: What’s Ahead in Pidgin and Creole Linguistics – Jeff Siegel: Applied Creolistics in the 21st Century – Jacques Arends: The Historical Study of Creoles and the Future of Creole Studies – Peter Bakker: Some Future Challenges for Pidgin and Creole Studies – Michael Aceto: Going Back to the Beginning: Describing the (Nearly) Undocumented Anglophone Creoles of the Caribbean – Armin Schwegler: Creolistics in Latin America: Past, Present, and Future – John Holm: The Study of Semi-Creoles in the 21st Century – Anand Syea: Future Developments in Creole Languages: Moving away from Analyticity – Ingo Plag: On the Role of Grammaticalization in Creolization – Claire Lefebvre: The Field of Pidgin and Creole Linguistics at the Turn of the Millennium: The Problem of the Genesis and Development of PCs – Donald Winford: Creoles in the Context of Contact Linguistics – Mikael Parkvall: Cutting off the Branch.