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Symbolic Childhood


Daniel Thomas Cook

Contents: Daniel Thomas Cook: Introduction: Interrogating Symbolic Childhood – Harriet Strandell: On Questions of Representation in Childhood Ethnography – Mary Lorena Kenny: Orators and Outcasts, Wanderers and Workers: Street Children in Brazil – Adriana S. Benzaquén: John, Genie, and Kaspar: Some Recent Scientific Uses of Wildness, Confinement, and Abuse – Roblyn Rawlins: «Long Rows of Short Graves»: Sentimentality, Science, and Child-Saving in the Construction of the Intellectually Precocious Child, 1870-1925 – Kathryn Libal: Realizing Modernity Through the Robust Turkish Child, 1923-1938 – Janice Hill: Governing Children: The Boy Scouts, the Girl Guides, and Visions of Canadian Nationhood, 1880-1921 – Sara K. Dorow: «China ‘R’ Us»?: Care, Consumption, and Transnationally Adopted Children – Mark D. Jacobs: The School Shooting as a Ritual of Sacrifice – Susan B. Kaiser/Kathleen Huun: Fashioning Innocence and Anxiety: Clothing, Gender, and Symbolic Childhood – Jeffery P. Dennis: The Heterosexualization of Boyhood – Chandra Mukerji/Tarleton Gillespie: Recognizable Ambiguity: Cartoon Imagery and American Childhood in Animaniacs – Stephen Kline/Greig de Peuter: Ghosts in the Machine: Postmodern Childhood, Video Gaming, and Advertising.