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Integrative Learning and Action

A Call to Wholeness


Susan M. Awbrey, Diana Dana, Vachel W. Miller and Phyllis Robinson

Contents: Susan M. Awbrey/Diane Dana/Vachel W. Miller/Phyllis Robinson/Merle M. Ryan/David K. Scott: Introduction: A Call to Wholeness – Margaret J. Wheatley/David Whyte: A Conversation on Spirituality – Jennifer Gidley: Spiritual Epistemologies and Integral Cosmologies: Transforming Thinking and Culture – Arthur Zajonc: Science and Spirituality - Finding the Right Map – Eugene Halton: The Cosmic Fantasia of Life – Bruce Wilshire: Ways of Knowing – Diana Chapman Walsh: The Search for Meaning and Uncommon Values – Riane Eisler: How Do We Educate for Partnership and Peace? Putting Spirituality into Action – Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence – Jon Kabat-Zinn: Wherever You Go, There You Are: Living Your Life as If It Really Matters – Steven Keeva: On Being a Human at Law – Peter Senge: Spirituality in Business and Life: Asking the Right Questions – Mark Kriger: Ways of Questioning That Can Transform Organizations - and People.