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Lights, Camera, Campaign!

Media, Politics, and Political Advertising


David A. Schultz

Contents: David A. Schultz: Introduction: Selling Candidates and Soap – Arthur Sanders: Creating Effective Political Ads – Stephen K. Medvic: Developing «Paid Media» Strategies: Media Consultants and Political Advertising – Christopher J. Dolan: Two Cheers for Negative Ads – Geoffrey D. Peterson: Can a Voter in New York Make a Candidate Lose in California? An Experimental Test of the Release of Early Election Results on Voter Turnout – Christopher A. Cooper/H. Gibbs Knotts: Packaging the Governor: Television Advertising in the 2000 Elections – Brendan J. Doherty/Melissa Cully Anderson: Message Tailoring in Spanish: Courting Latino Voters in the 2000 Presidential Advertising Campaign – Amy E. Jasperson: The Perfect Storm of Politics: Media and Advertising during the 2002 U.S. Senate Campaign(s) in Minnesota – Timothy Vercellotti: Bowling with Erskine and Down Home with Dole: Re-packaging the Candidates in the 2002 Senate Race in North Carolina – David A. Schultz: From Saxophones to Schwarzenegger: Entertainment Politics on Late-night Television – David L. Schecter: Lights, Camera, and an Action Hero! Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Media Frenzy in the California Recall – Paul Nesbitt-Larking/Jonathan Rose: Political Advertising in Canada – David C. King/David Morehouse: Moving Voters in the 2000 Presidential Campaign: Local Visits, Local Media.