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Cross-Cultural Travel

Papers from the Royal Irish Academy- Symposium on Literature and Travel- National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2002


Jane Conroy

Contents: Joep Leerssen: Between skin and horizon – Luigi Monga: Translating the journey: a literary perspective on truth in cartography – Simone Testa: Travellers’ accounts, historians and ambassadors in the sixteenth century – Daniel Carey: Travel, identity, and cultural difference, 1580-1700 – Michael Harrigan: Cabinet and collection in the seventeenth-century ‘récit de voyage en Orient’ – Michael Crozier Shaw: ‘A tour no man will attempt twice’: travelling in Spain in the eighteenth century – Darach J. Sanfey: ‘Le plaisir d’aller sans savoir où...’: Rousseau on travel – Alison E. Martin: German travel writing and the rhetoric of sensibility: Karl Philipp Moritz’s Reisen eines Deutschen in England im Jahr 1782 – Isolde Mueller: Destination modernity: Sophie La Roche’s trips through Switzerland (1784), France (1785) and Germany (1792) – David Denby: Enlightenment travel accounts: Constantin de Volney – Tania Manca: Europe discovers one of its islands: Sardinia – Sylvie Kleinman: The accidental tourist: Theobald Wolfe Tone’s secret mission to Paris, 1796 – Jane Conroy: Changing perspectives: French travellers in Ireland, 1785-1835 – Marc Serge Rivière/Jenny O’Connor: A French Catholic liberal view of Ireland in 1830: Charles de Montalembert’s Journal intime – Eoin Bourke: ‘The Niobe of Nations!’ - a bio-bibliographical survey of German travellers in Ireland, 1806-1850 – Sebastian Stumpf: Hero worship: German political ‘pilgrims’ pay tribute to O’Connell and Co. – Anne E. O’Brien: Lady Morgan’s travel writing on Italy: a novel approach – Susan Pickford: Writing the route: Heinrich Heine’s Die Harzreise (1826) – Angela Ryan: George Sand’s Majorcan travel diary: the poetics of movement in Un Hiver à Majorque – Fiona Cox: Shadows over the Rhine: Hugo’s reading of Virgil’s First Eclogue – Alan English: Travel as impetus for poetic innovation and experimentation - the case of modern French poetry – Ann Neville: Ernest Renan and the rediscovery of the Phoenicians – Sinéad Furlong: ‘[Paris] s’offre à vos regards et vous sollicite’: pleasure in the parks - women, travel guides, and nineteenth-century Paris – Barbara Wright: Travel as mission: the building of the Suez Canal, as seen by Narcisse Berchère – Claire Moran: From the exotic Other to the unconscious: Otherness in the work of Odilon Redon – Paola Sannino: The images, myths and reality of the modernized Western world in Yiddish travel literature between 1870 and 1914 – Theo Harden: How real is real? Karl May’s virtual travels – David Scott: Semiologies of travel: nostalgies du symbole – Brian Moloney: Italo Svevo (commercial) traveller – Charles Forsdick: Hidden journeys: gender, genre and twentieth-century travel literature in French – Siobhán Shilton: Reconstructing elsewhere: travel and the representation of l’Indochine française – Susanne Ledanff: Travels to the Metropolis: traditions of reports on European cities and their climax in the period of New Sobriety – Alvaro Jaspe: Manuel Graña in Ireland 1922: a Spanish perspective on Irish Independence and Civil War – R. Seth C. Knox: A political tourist visits the future: Ernst Toller’s Russian and American travels near the end of the Weimar Republic – Stanley Black: Exiles, travellers and tourists: travel-writing in post-war Spain – Tom Quinn: Postcards from Russia: the vision of Russia in Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s early pamphlets – Michael Eggers: Presenting the past: