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Public Intellectuals, Radical Democracy and Social Movements

A Book of Interviews


Carmel Borg and Peter Mayo

Contents: Interview with Nita Freire: Reflections from a Third Age Marriage: A Pedagogy of Reason, Hope and Passion – Interview with Maria Hamlyn Zuniga: Nicaragua: Past and Present – Interview with Nahla Abdo: Women, Peace and Middle East Politics – Interview with Frei Betto: Lula, Freire, Liberation Theology – Interview with Chris Cavanagh: Popular Education, Social Movements and Story Telling – Interview with Magda Adly: Human Rights, Social Justice and Civil Society – Interview with Jane Thompson: Popular Education and Social Change – Interview with William Pinar: Curriculum as a Political Text – Interview with Paul Cooper: School Exclusion, Educational Engagement and Social Equity – Interview with Roberto Mazzini: Theatre of the Oppressed: Italian Initiatives – Interview with Edoardo Martinelli: Lorenzo Milani and the Barbiana Legacy – Interview with Didacus Jules: Literacy, Micro-States and Postcolonialism – Interview with Sergio Baierle: A World That Can Be - Democracy, Education and Participatory Budgets – Interview with Vincent Caruana: Critical Environmental Education ‘Justice in Trade’ and the No-Global Movement – Interview with John Fisher: Trade Union Education in an Age of Globalization – Interview with Antonia Darder: From Madness to Consciousness: Redemption through Politics, Art and Love – Interview with Luiza Cortesão: Fascism, Colonialism and the Promise of Critical Education.