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Teaching about Scientific Origins

Taking Account of Creationism


Leslie S. Jones and Michael J. Reiss

Contents: Leslie S. Jones/Michael J. Reiss: Cultural Authority and the Polarized Nature of the Evolution/Creationism Controversy – Randy Moore: The History of the Evolution/Creationism Controversy and Likely Future Developments – Michael Ruse: The Warfare between Darwinism and Christianity: Who Is the Attacker and What Implications Does this Have for Education? – David Mercer: Capturing the Educational Potential of ‘Creation Science Debates’ – Robert Pennock: How Not to Teach the Controversy about Creationism – Michael Poole: The Scientific Enterprise and Teaching about Creation – Shaikh Abdul Mabud: The Theory of Evolution: Teaching the Whole Truth – Wolff-Michael Roth: Fundamentalist and Scientific Discourse: Beyond the War Metaphors and Rhetoric – David L. Haury: Examining the Evolutionary Heritage of Humans – Lee Meadows: Approaching the Conflict between Religion and Evolution – David F. Jackson: The Personal and the Professional in the Teaching of Evolution – Leslie S. Jones: Teaching for Understanding Rather than Expectation of Belief – Michael J. Reiss: Teaching about Origins in Science: Where Now?