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Girl Wide Web

Girls, the Internet, and the Negotiation of Identity


Sharon R. Mazzarella

Contents: Sharon R. Mazzarella: Introduction. It’s a Girl Wide Web – Lynne Y. Edwards: Victims, Villains, and Vixens. Teen Girls and Internet Crime – Ashley D. Grisso/David Weiss: What are gURLS Talking about? Adolescent Girls’ Construction of Sexual Identity on – Debra Merskin: Making an About-Face. Jammer Girls and the World Wide Web – Susan F. Walsh: Gender, Power, and Social Interaction. How Blue Jean Online Constructs Adolescent Girlhood – Susan J. Harewood/Angharad N. Valdivia: Exploring Dora. Re-embodied Latinidad on the Web – Christine Scodari: You’re Sixteen, You’re Dutiful, You’re Online. «Fangirls» and the Negotiation of Age and/or Gender Subjectivities in TV Newsgroups – Kimberly S. Gregson: What if the Lead Character Looks Like Me? Girl fans of Shoujo Anime and Their Web Sites – Sharon R. Mazzarella: Claiming a Space. The Cultural Economy of Teen Girl Fandom on the Web – Divya C. McMillin: Teen Crossings. Emerging Cyberpublics in India – Shayla Marie Thiel: «IM Me». Identity Construction and Gender Negotiation in the World of Adolescent Girls and Instant Messaging – Lynn Schofield Clark: The Constant Contact Generation. Exploring Teen Friendship Networks Online.