Intersections in Communications and Culture

Global Approaches and Transdisciplinary Perspectives

ISSN: 1528-610X

This series publishes a wide range of new critical scholarship, particularly works that seek to engage with and transcend the disciplinary isolationism and genre confinement that characterizes so much of contemporary research in communication studies and related fields.
The Editors are particularly interested in manuscripts that address the broad intersections, movement, and hybrid trajectories that currently define the encounters between human groups in modern institutions and societies. The way these dynamic intersections are coded and represented in contemporary popular cultural forms and in the organization of knowledge is also explored in this series. Works that emphasize methodological nuance, texture, and dialogue across traditions and disciplines (communications, feminist studies, area and ethnic studies, arts, humanities, sciences, education, philosophy, etc.) are particularly welcome, as are projects that explore the dynamics of variation, diversity, and discontinuity in local and international settings.
Topics covered by this series include (but are not limited to): multidisciplinary media studies; cultural studies; gender, race, and class; postcolonialism; globalization; diaspora studies; border studies; popular culture; art and representation; body politics; governing practices; histories of the present; health (policy) studies; space and identity; (im)migration; global ethnographies; public intellectuals; world music; virtual identity studies; queer theory; critical multiculturalism.