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Sex, Gender, and Religion

Josephine Butler Revisited


Jenny Daggers and Diana Neal

Contents: Jenny Daggers/Diana Neal: Introduction – Jane Jordan: «Trophies of the Saviour»: Josephine Butler’s Biographical Sketches of Prostitutes – Helen Mathers: «‘Tis Dishonour Done to Me»: Self-Representation in the Writings of Josephine Butler – Susan Mumm: Josephine Butler and the International Traffic in Women – Annemieke van Drenth: Holy Beliefs and Caring Power: Josephine Butler’s Influence on Abolitionism and the Women’s Movement in the Netherlands (1850-1920) – Jenny Daggers: Josephine Butler and Christian Women’s Identity – Lisa Nolland: Josephine Butler and the Historian: Critic and Friend – Pat Starkey: Saints, Virgins and Family Members: Exemplary Biographies? Josephine Butler as Biographer – Diana Neal: Josephine Butler: Flirting with the Catholic Other.