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Queneau’s Fictional Worlds


Nina Bastin

Contents: Survey of the critical field of Queneau studies – Application of the principles of Cognitive Discourse Grammar to Queneau’s novels – A generalised reinterpretation of specific features of the novels in terms of their effects upon cognitive text processing (‘world-building’) – Investigation into the internal organisation of Queneau’s fictional worlds, and the problems they present for reconstruction by the reader - notably the subversion of world boundaries (‘world-play’), and the positing of impossible spaces (‘heterotopiae’) – A theoretical analysis of the interplay between cognitive models and the philosophical notion of ‘possible worlds’ – Extensive close readings of three of Queneau’s novels (Le Vol d’Icare, Les Fleurs bleues, and Loin de Rueil) – Extension of the notion of ‘world-play’ to describe Queneau’s wider writing practice.