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John Bunyan: Reading Dissenting Writing


Neil Keeble

Contents: Thomas N. Corns: Bunyan, Milton and the Diversity of Radical Protestant Writing – William Lamont: Bunyan and Baxter: Millennium and Magistrate – W.R. Owens: Reading the Bibliographical Codes: Bunyan’s Publication in Folio – Tamsin Spargo: Bunyans Abounding, or the Names of the Author – Michael Davies: ‘Stout & Valiant Champions for God’: the Radical Reformation of Romance in The Pilgrim’s Progress – Vera Camden: ‘That of Esau’: the Place of Hebrews xii.16,17 in Grace Abounding – Nancy Rosenfeld: ‘So counterfeit holy would this Divel be’: Debate and Disinformation as Satanic Strategies in Milton and Bunyan – Arlette Zinck: From Apocalypse to Prophecy: the Didactic Strategies of The Holy War – Roger Pooley: The Life and Death of Mr. Badman and Seventeenth-Century Discourses of Atheism – David Hawkes: Master of His Ways? Determinism and the Market in The Life and Death of Mr. Badman – Peter Marbais: The Tormented Body in The Life and Death of Mr. Badman – Stuart Sim: ‘Transworld Depravity’ and ‘Invariant Assertions’: John Bunyan’s Possible Worlds.