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Gender, Tradition and Renewal


Robert Platzner

Contents: Tamar Ross: Can We Still Speak to God the Father? – Kune Biezeveld: Empowered with Grace. Re-thinking God’s Power from a Feminist Perspective – Sabine Van Den Eynde: Daughters of Abraham!? On «Covenant», Women and Gender – Kocku von Stuckrad: Constructing Femininity - the Lilith Case – Silke Muter Goldberg: Language and Gender in Early Modern and 19th Century Jewish Devotional Literature – Bianca Lataire/Reimund Bieringer: God the Father. An Exegetical Study of a Johannine Metaphor – Adrian Thatcher: The Bible Without Patriarchy: Ephesians 5: 21-33. A Case Study – Robert L. Platzner: Hannah’s Prayer: Muted Voices and Transgressive Gestures in Biblical Narrative.