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Family, Separation and Migration: An Evolution-Involution of the Global Refugee Crisis


Oreste Foppiani and Oana A. Scarlatescu

Families are actors and drivers in migration and refugee crises. However, the current protection frameworks privilege the individual over the family unit. Consequently, the stories of families in migration have remained under-researched and their challenges under-addressed.
This volume explores the interplay between family, separation, and migration in the Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America, and in the context of the 2015 global refugee crisis. Guiding it are two questions: How do family, migration, and separation play out across geographical, political, and historical contexts? And what are the gaps in the protection of migrants and their families? Thirteen authors – academics and practitioners  – discuss the international protection for refugees, migration governance, child mobility, disability and immigration, human trafficking, and dilemmas in refugee reporting.
The book proposes a paradigm shift in the way we cater to the needs and aspirations of families on the move. Its authors offer evidence-based solutions that cut across polarized discussions on migration and refugees. As such, the volume is aimed at researchers, students, policymakers, and experts working in international relations, migration, human rights, and refugee protection.

Rear Admiral Nicola Carlone: Foreword – Oreste Foppiani/Oana A. Scarlatescu: Introduction – Edo Korljan: Family in Europe: An Evolving Concept? – Betty Sacco German: The Italian-Chinese Community in Prato: Insideness, Outsideness, and Cultural Complexes – Robin Ramcharan: International Migration in Southeast Asia: Protection Norms and Challenges Facing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (A.S.E.A.N.) – Elisa Fornalé: Regional Migration Governance and Social Protection of Migrant Workers – Giji Gya: Taking Care of Countering the Business of Trafficking in Human Beings– Mirela Shuteriqi: Unaccompanied and on the Move: Risks and Opportunities for Migrant Children – Oana A. Scarlatescu: Unaccompanied Migrant Minors in the European Union (E.U.): Children or Illegal Migrants? A Comparative Analysis of Belgium, the United Kingdom (UK), and Romania – Warren Rosenblum: Bodies Wanted and Unwanted: The History of Immigration and Disability – Cecilie Hellestveit: Exodus in the Middle East & the International Law Related to Internal Conflict – Sumbul Rizvi: Contemporary Challenges of Refugee Protection and Mixed Migration – Sabine Nasser: The Psychological Effects and Traumas of Syrian Women and Children – Pamela Ballinger: Wartime Evacuations and the Restoration of Italian Families after 1945: A Critical Prehistory for Family Reunification Policy? – Gunilla von Hall: The War Correspondent’s View: Dilemmas in Reporting in Refugees – Oreste Foppiani/Oana A. Scarlatescu: Conclusion