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Plurilingual literacy practices at school and in teacher education

Silvia Melo-Pfeifer and Christian Helmchen

This book offers a variety of theoretical and empirical foundations regarding the development of plurilingual literacy practices in primary school contexts around Europe. It presents a range of concepts related to multilingual education and multilingual teacher education, such as pluriliteracy, identity, the pluralistic approaches (namely intercomprehension and «éveil aux langues») and translanguaging in pedagogy. From an empirical perspective, the authors present and discuss suggestions regarding the integration of multilingual activities in the classroom and in teaching education programs.

Development of plurilingual literacy practices at primary school – Multilingualism and plurilingualism at school – Reading in multilingual and multimodal environments – Identity and teacher education – Plurilingual competence – Teacher education for plurilingualism and interculturalism at school – Pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures