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Morphogenesis of Meaning

Translated by Franson Manjali


Jean Petitot

Contents: Problematic Aspects and Key Issues of Structuralism – Understanding ‘Structure’ – Main Trends in Structuralism – The Problem of Formalizing Structures – The Necessity for a Morphological Geometry – The Principles of Catastrophe Theory – Categorical Perception and Topological Syntax – Phonological Categorizations as Critical Phenomena – Actantial Schematism – Tesnière’s Notion of Verbal Valence – The Grammatical Reduction of Structural Syntax – The Scenic Conception of Case Roles and the Morphodynamical Schematism – The Localist Hypothesis – Semio-Narrative Structures – The Sources of Greimasian Theory – Panorama of Greimasian Theory – Paul Ricœur’s Observations – Schematization of the Undefinables.