European Semiotics / Sémiotiques Européennes

ISSN: 2235-6266

European Semiotics originated from an initiative launched by a group of researchers in
Semiotics from Denmark, Germany, Spain, France and Italy and was inspired by innovative
impulses given by René Thom and his «semiophysics». The goal of the series is to provide a
broad European forum for those interested in semiotic research focusing on semiotic dynamics
and combining cultural, linguistic and cognitive perspectives.
This approach, which has its origins in Phenomenology, Gestalt Theory, Philosophy of
Culture and Structuralism, views semiosis primarily as a cognitive process, which underlies
and structures human culture. Semiotics is therefore considered to be the discipline suited par
excellence to bridge the gap between the realms of the Cognitive Sciences and the Sciences
of Culture.
The series publishes monographs, collected papers and conference proceedings of a high
scholarly standard. Languages of publication are mainly English and French.