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Entering History

Feminist Dialogues in Irmtraud Morgner’s Prose


Silke von der Emde

Contents: Biographical Details – The Cultural Debates of the 1960s – The Reception of Life and Adventures of Trobadora Beatrice in East and West – Dissenting Voices in the GDR – FRG Criticism (1974-76) – FRG Criticism (1985-90) – U.S. German Studies (1976-83) – Morgner’s Novel Today: «Kein Ort, Nirgends?» – Morgner’s Use of History and Myth – Morgner’s Concept of Author – Subjectivity, and Representation – Woman as Author – The Historicity of Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory – Feminism in the Early Seventies – Morgner’s Postmodern Feminism – Intertextual Games – The Postmodernism Debate – Antipodean Artists and Tightrope Walkers – The Antipodean Artist Mikhail Bakhtin – Creating a «Legendary Historical Consciousness» – The Montage Novel – Carnival: Representing the Body.