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New Dimensions in French Studies


Emma Gilby and Katja Haustein

Contents: Emma Gilby/Katja Haustein: Introduction – Emma J.Cayley: Players and Spaces of Play in Late-Medieval French Manuscript Collections – Martin Calder: The Experience of Space in the Eighteenth-Century French Garden: From Axis to Circuit to Closed Circuit – Emily Tomlinson: Assia Djebar’s Algerian (White) Spaces – Phillip John Usher: Chopping up Columbus’ Pear: World-Roaming after 1492 – Rosemary Chapman: Beautiful North? The North/South Divide in Gabrielle Roy’s La Montagne secrète – Kathryn Gannon: Mapping the Margins: Representations of Place and Space in Antonine Maillet’s Pélagie-la-charrette – Emma Wilson: Oblivion and the Modern City: Hiroshima mon amour (1959) – Mairi Liston: Inside/Out: The Goncourt Brothers and the Second-Empire Interior – Eve Richardson: Space, Projection and the Banal in the Works of Jean-Philippe Toussaint and Nicholson Baker.