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Enlarged EU – Enlarged Neighbourhood

Perspectives of the European Neighbourhood Policy


Nicolas Hayoz, Leszek Jesien and Wim van Meurs

Contents: Nicolas Hayoz/Leszek Jesień/Wim van Meurs: Introduction – Antoinette Primatarova: In Search of Two Distinct Tracks for Non-EU Europe and the European Neighbourhood – Nicolas Hayoz/Franz Kehl/Stephan Kuster: The Potential Flexibility of Deliberate Ambiguity. The EU’s Relations with the Regimes in its ‘Eastern Neighbourhood’ – Wim van Meurs: Rethinking the Balkans. Incongruities of State and Nation Building, Regional Stabilisation and European Integration – Galina Mikhaleva: The European Union and Russian Transformation – Alexander Sergunin: Kaliningrad: An Exclave or Pilot Region? – Olexiy Haran/Oleksandr Sushko: More than Neighbors. A search for a new paradigm of relations between the EU and Ukraine – Vyachaslau Paznyak: Belarus in the Geopolitics of the «New Near East»: An ‘Independent Variable’? – Leszek Jesień: Looking Eastwards. EU’s relations with its neighbours after enlargement – Eiki Berg: Prioritizing the East in Estonia: Chances to Become a Good Advocate, Honest Broker or Reliable Supervisor? – Krassimir Y. Nikolov: The European Neighbourhood Policy and Bulgaria - Challenges and Opportunities – Romana Vlahutin: From a Border Land to a Cross-border State – Othon Anastasakis: Democratic Transition in Serbia and the Road to Europe; Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Christophe Solioz: Bosnia and Herzegovina between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: From Intervention towards Integration.