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Reception, Appropriation, Recollection

Bunyan’s "Pilgrim’s Progress</I>


W.R. Owens and Stuart Sim

Contents: W. R. Owens/Stuart Sim: Introduction – Vincent Newey: Bunyan’s Afterlives: Case Studies – David Walker: Bunyan’s Reception in the Romantic Period – Norman Vance: Pilgrims Abounding: Bunyan and the Victorian Novel – Nathalie Collé-Bak: The Role of Illustrations in the Reception of The Pilgrim’s Progress – Mary Hammond: The Pilgrim’s Progress and its Nineteenth-Century Publishers – Isabel Hofmeyr: Evangelical Realism: The Transnational Making of Genre in The Pilgrim’s Progress – Richard Danson Brown: Everyman’s Progresses: Louis MacNeice’s Dialogues with Bunyan – Julie Campbell: ‘A Mighty Maze of Walks’: Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress and Beckett’s Molloy – Michael Davies: The Relevant Pilgrim: John Bunyan in A Matter of Life and Death – Stuart Sim: Bunyan and his Fundamentalist Readers.