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Between Identity and Diversity

Beatriz Penas-Ibáñez and María Carmen López-Sánez

Contents: María Carmen López Sáenz/Beatriz Penas Ibáñez: Between Identity and Diversity: An Introduction to Intercultural Communication Issues – María Carmen López Sáenz: La Parole as a Gesture of the Originating Differentiation – Susan M. Purviance: Personal Identity and Multiplicity in Shaftesbury, Hume, and Reid – Javier San Martín: The Life-World: What is Common and What is Different – Karina P. Trilles Calvo: Dialoguing with the Other: Some Notes from Maurice Merleau-Ponty – Amin Asadollahi: Truth and Identity: The Collapse of Diversity in Contemporary Reality – Jesús M. Díaz Alvarez: The Foundation of Morality and Normative-Cultural Differences. A Phenomenological Approach – Kathrin Hönig: Intercultural Diversity and Translation: Remarks on Incommensurability and Tolerance from a Semantic Perspective – Jef Verschueren: Identity as Denial of Diversity – Elvira Burgos: Vulnerable Identity and Agency: Judith Butler – Ángeles de la Concha: The Body as Discursive Locus of Female Identity – José Ángel García Landa: Rereading (,) Narrative (,) Identity (,) and Interaction – Beatriz Penas Ibáñez: The Signifiers of Self: A Sociopragmatic Account of Linguistic Diversity and the Discursive Construction of Identities.