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Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy

Edited By Mary Molloy

Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy is a dynamic biological and psychological approach to the theory of mind and human development. It was founded by Mrs Gerda Boyesen, the Norwegian Clinical Psychologist and Reichian Analyst over forty years ago. Its distinctive approach is derived from the psychoanalytical concepts of Freud and Jung and especially Wilhelm Reich. Its methodology is also based upon concepts and practices developed by psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, transpersonal, neo-reichian, integrative and other human potential approaches. It considers that the psyche's true potential arises from the alignment of the body, mind, soul and spirit. The profound establishment of spontaneous life movements in the body and mind, and the cognitive, conscious experience of the life energy in each person remains a key focus for all biodynamic theory and practice.

The series Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy will present core texts, selected writings and descriptive accounts of academic, clinical and personal experiences related to the biodynamic field. It will include a presentation of the many new, creative, innovative and exciting applications of the biodynamic approach in a variety of settings. Treatment for specific deseases, psychosomatic conditions and pychopathologies will be outlined and discussed from the biodynamic perspective, and the potential for a new understanding of body, mind, spirit and emotion will be introduced. The series will also include specific training manuals, textbooks and research derived from clinical practice in the field.

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