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Economic, Political and Social Institutions in Islam

Edited By Hossein Askari and Dariush Zahedi

Presented in collaboration with the BIT-AMENA (University of California, Berkeley iTechpreneurship in Asia, Middle East, and North Africa) Center for Building Innovation Economies, edited by Hossein Askari and Dariush Zahedi.

This series gathers research focusing on the idea that a prerequisite to successful actions to improve economic performance is "a viable polity that will put in place the necessary economic institutions and provide effective enforcement." Some—acknowledging that institutions are critical to any explanation of economic development—question why similar institutional structures produce different results in different countries. Others have concluded that what matters for good economic performance is how well institutions match their settings and how flexibly they adapt to changes as opposed to a specific design. In this vein, the series aims to curate research from scholars in the fields of economics, politics, law, technology and the humanities to gather interdisciplinary perspectives on institutional policy throughout the Islamicate world.