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From Antiquity to Modernity

Studies on Middle Eastern and Asian Societies

Edited By Jamsheed K. Choksy

" From Antiquity to Modernity: Studies on Middle Eastern and Asian Societies is a series focusing on aspects central to Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and South Asian societies in the past and the present. It is designed to contribute toward better understandings of those important regions’ peoples. Original research within the disciplines of anthropology, archeology, art history, cultural studies, economics, history, history of science, international relations, languages, literatures, politics, religions, and sociology will be published. Interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and multidisciplinary studies are welcome as well. So are ones that advance methodologies relating to complexities of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia. Manuscripts can be single- authored or co-authored; edited volumes that form a cohesive body of knowledge will be considered, too. Each book-length manuscript will undergo editorial and peer review prior to acceptance for publication.
Individual volumes in From Antiquity to Modernity are of particular value to individuals studying and investigating the Middle East and Asia at universities, think tanks, and governmental and nongovernmental agencies while also being of interest to the general educated reader.