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Studies in Language, Mind and Translation

Edited By Anna Bączkowska

The series explores issues in theoretical and applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychology of language and translation studies. While the volumes published in the series may present research in language, mind and translation seen as separate provenances, the overall aim of the series is to pinpoint possible interfaces occurring between them (for example between psycholinguistics and translation studies, psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics, cognitive linguistics and translation, etc.) as well as to uncover mutual interaction between these branches of science and other research areas, such as philosophy, media studies, education, multimodality and culture. The books within the series focus primarily on linguistics, which remains the main theme of the series, but they also include a wide range of topics traditionally investigated by a number of neighbouring disciplines, which are interwoven with language studies and inscribe within a wider framework of contemporary linguistics.

The series presents studies conducted by Polish scholars, in particular by those affiliated with Bydgoszcz, and by our colleagues and research partners representing other universities. We also welcome submissions (monographs, collections of articles and post-conference volumes) from all those interested in issues remaining within the broad scope of the series themes.