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Katowice Interdisciplinary and Comparative Studies

Literature, Anthropology and Culture

Edited By Tadeusz Slawek

This newly launched series creates the opportunity for those scholars who, on the one hand, wish to see literary works in the unceasing dialogue with other arts and, on the other, want to rethink literary theory in terms of its embededness in the reflection which involves notions crucial for the shape of contemporary human community such as democracy, justice, friendship, hospitality, home, passions, and many others. Thus we invite essays on a wide range of topics which include studies of individual texts placing them in a rich web of comparative references not turning away from the body-politic, interpretations of texts and images as important ways towards the formation of cultural identity, explorations of the dialogue between the word and the image with the complicated transpositions taking place in the process, as well as in-depth investigations of particular notions in their historical and multicultural contexts. The analyses undertaken by the authors in this series will make a serious contribution to a better understanding of the notions and processes constituting our being together.