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Studies in Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Edited By Galen A. Johnson

This series provides a forum for English-language authors of monographs in contemporary continental philosophy. Continental philosophy refers to a matrix of philosophers originating in first-generation readers of Husserl--notably Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, and Heidegger, that in its second generation now includes most notably Ricoeur, Gadamer, Foucault, and Habermas. Among these and related authors a critique of theoretical thinking as it existed in the tradition from Plato to Hegel has led to a new sense of what matters in philosophy: the meaning of language and interpretation, of tradition and history, of body and power. Such concerns have mandated overcoming traditional disciplinary boundaries by philosophical writing that draws upon politics, literature, the arts, and human sciences. Within this matrix of thinkers and themes, this series will publish and promote original and critical studies. While seeking the highest standards of scholarship, the series addresses the philosophical interpretations of our times and issues of cultural urgency: from the meaning of rationality, modernity and post-modernity to issues of technology, exile, poverty, and cross-cultural community.