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Studies in Education and Spirituality

Edited By Peter L. Laurence and Victor H. Kazanjian Jr.

Studies in Education and Spirituality presents the reader with the most recent thinking about the role of religion and spirituality in higher education. It includes a wide variety of perspectives, including students, faculty, administrators, religious life and student life professionals, and representatives of related educational and religious institutions. These are people who have thought deeply about the topic and share their insights and experiences through this series. These works address the questions: What is the impact of religious diversity on higher education? What is the potential of religious pluralism as a strategy to address the dramatic growth of religious diversity in American colleges and universities? To what extent do institutions of higher learning desire to prepare their students for life and work in a religiously pluralistic world? What is the role of spirituality at colleges and universities, particularly in relationship to teaching and learning pedagogy, the cultivation of values, moral and ethical development, and the fostering of global learning communities and responsible global citizens?