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Studies in the History of Medicine

Edited By Charles Webster

Studies in the History of Medicine provides an outlet for academic monographs devoted to both the social and the intellectual dimensions of the history of medicine. No limitations are imposed with respect to period or place, providing the approach adopted is analytical and historical. The series encourages investigations relating to previously neglected aspects of medicine and health care such as the history of nursing or other occupations associated with health care, case studies of particular disease and illness phenomena, health care in colonial and postcolonial settings, or indeed complementary medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. The monographs inevitably evaluate the impact of modern high-technology medicine, but they also give appropriate weight to health care as it relates to the elderly, the mentally ill or other vulnerable social groups. Except in special circumstances the series will not include general biographies, histories of individual institutions and organisations, or studies of parochial interest. The monographs included in this series reflect the leading edge of research in the now well-established and still expanding field of medical history.