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The Westminster College Library of Biblical Symbolism

Edited By Peter W. Macky

"This series encourages works of scholarship that explore the artistic and theological depths of biblical symbols. "Symbol" here means any well-known reality that is used to illuminate a more mysterious reality by means of the analogy between the two. The symbols can be objects, qualities, actions, roles, events, stories, or systems. "Exploring" symbols entails: painting a full picture of the well-known reality as the original writers and readers would have known it; establishing what the subject of the symbol was in particular instances; and seeing through the symbol to the depths of the subject. The books in this series may focus on a particular symbol (e.g. light, or shepherd, or the Exodus), on a particular type of symbolism (e.g. Paul's legal symbolism, or Flosea's personal symbolism), or on particular themes (e.g. the variety of symbols used to illuminate the mystery of human sinfulness and how those symbols are used to interpret each other). Still others may focus on particular books, such as Ezekiel or Revelation, exploring their main symbols. "