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Utopia Method Vision

The Use Value of Social Dreaming


Tom Moylan and Raffaella Baccolini

Informed by feminist, Marxist, ethnographic, and post-structuralist frameworks, Utopia Method Vision makes a unique contribution to international debates in cultural, literary, sociological, and political studies of utopian theory, texts, and practices.
The collection addresses the ways in which the contributors approach their study of the objects and practices of utopianism (understood as social anticipations and visions produced through texts and social experiments) and of how, in turn, those objects and practices have shaped their intellectual work in general and their research perspectives in particular. In so doing, the contributors develop a larger, self-critical look at the limits and potential of the entire paradigm by which utopianism is known, studied, critiqued, created, and received.
Contents: Tom Moylan/Raffaella Baccolini: Introduction: Utopia as Method – Lucy Sargisson: The Curious Relationship Between Politics and Utopia – Ruth Levitas: The Imaginary Reconstitution of Society: Utopia as Method – Vincent Geoghegan: Political Theory, Utopia, Post-Secularism – Gregory Claeys: Rethinking Modern British Utopianism: Community and the Mastery of Desire – Phillip E. Wegner: Here or Nowhere: Utopia, Modernity, and Totality – Kenneth M. Roemer: More Aliens Transforming Utopia: The Futures of Reader Response and Utopian Studies – Raffaella Baccolini: Finding Utopia in Dystopia: Feminism, Memory, Nostalgia, and Hope – Tom Moylan: Realizing Better Futures, Strong Thought for Hard Times – Naomi Jacobs: Utopia and the Beloved Community – Peter Fitting: Beyond This Horizon: Utopian Visions and Utopian Practice – Hoda M. Zaki: New Spaces for Utopian Politics: Theorizing About Identity, Community, and the World Conference Against Racism – Lyman Tower Sargent: Choosing Utopia: Utopianism as an Essential Element in Political Thought and Action – Raffaella Baccolini/Tom Moylan: Conclusion: Utopia as Vision.