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Visions of Applied Mathematics

Strategy and Knowledge


Sergio Plata

This book explores the creation of knowledge in applied mathematics. It mainly analyses applications of mathematical theories in several contexts.
The author analyses the generation of advanced theories that enable people to understand problems in a scientific way, and proposes cognitive models dealing with the observation of human behaviour and its abstraction into comprehensible mathematical models, as this is a main problem in our modern world.
This work is directed at people concerned with understanding cognitive processes when tackling complex problems, as it shows the building of knowledge in the making of scientific approaches to any discipline.
Using a cross-disciplinary approach, he focuses on the key issues of theories and technologies applicable in a wide variety of contexts, for example in military organizations, in research and development departments and in general strategic planning, as shown in applied cases in Latin America.
Contents: An epistemological frame to the emergence of Operational Research – PMS Blackett and quantitative analysis: a semiotic approach – The Paratextual side: Language and Images in applied mathematics – Experiments and mathematics, a multidisciplinary view – Statistical methods for research workers: an epistemology not a methodology – Genetic theory of Natural Selection: further applications or science in action – Kantorovich and Applied Mathematics: A Case Study in strategic planning (cognitive rhetoric) – Latin America: A Case Study for Business Analysis.