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Through Their Eyes

Marginality in the Works of Elena Poniatowska, Silvia Molina and Rosa Nissán


Nathanial Eli Gardner

Even though Elena Poniatowska is considered to be one of the most important female writers in present-day Mexico, few book-length studies have been dedicated to her work. This book focuses on the writings of Elena Poniatowska and also on the work of her former students Silvia Molina and Rosa Nissán. A brief history of the literary workshop that links the three together is also provided.
Although the three writers are quite different in several respects, they share one common element that is central to their writings: the depiction of marginal members of society. With reference to Subaltern Studies this study analyses how the subaltern is represented in the works of each writer.
Contents: The Literary Workshop of Elena Poniatowska – Works by Elena Poniatowska, Silvia Molina and Rosa Nissán – Literary Creation – The Depiction of the Subaltern – Subaltern Studies.