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Literary Intermediality

The Transit of Literature through the Media Circuit

Maddalena Pennacchia Punzi and Università degli Studi Roma Tre

The increasing transfer of literary texts and of related writing/reading processes from the printed page to analog and digital media (and vice versa) is the phenomenon under investigation in this book, for which the term ‘literary intermediality’ has been coined. Literature is ‘in transit’, i.e. travelling incessantly through mass-media, personal-media, and the internet, with crucial effects both on the ways it is perceived by younger generations of users and on the ways it is devised by contemporary authors. The literary text far from being restricted to printed media keeps moving across the whole media circuit, thus acquiring at any stage a new, temporary identity. Based on the seminar «Intermediality and Literary Practices» at the 7th ESSE Conference in 2004, the essays of this collection by scholars from both sides of the Atlantic focus on the seminar’s common topics – cinema, theatre, postmodernism, and new critical issues.
Contents: Maddalena Pennacchia Punzi: Literary Intermediality: An Introduction – Joy Sisley: Writing, the Body, and Cinema: Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book – Celestino Deleyto: From Among the Dead: Identity and Truth in Filmic Letters – Lydia Martin: Jane Austen on Screen: Deference and Divergence – Johan Callens: Intermediality in David Mamet’s The Water Engine – Bruce Barton: «Gonna build a little place for you and me»: Imaginary Spaces in MacIvor’s House – Karen Bennett: «Star-Cross’d Lovers» in the Age of AIDS: The Intermediality of Rudolf Nureyev’s Romeo and Juliet – Sonia Baelo Allué: Intermediality in Literature: Bret Easton Ellis and the MTV Novel – Barbara Antonucci: Mediatic Metamorphoses and Postmodern Novels by Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis and Nick Hornby – Nancy Isenberg: Repurposing Rime of the Ancient Mariner in the Postmodern Age – Ana Vogrincic: Literary Effects of Author-Stardom – Giuseppe Martella: Internet, E-Learning and Critical Distance – Maddalena Pennacchia Punzi: Shaping G / Local Identities in Intermedial Texts: The Case of Bridget Jones’s Diary.