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Spoken Corpora in Applied Linguistics


Mari Carmen Campoy and María José Luzón

This volume explores the opportunities that spoken corpora offer and the challenges of research with such corpora. The use and applications of spoken corpora are discussed from the perspective of both language analysis and language pedagogy. Twelve chapters written by corpus linguists analyse an extensive number of spoken corpora based on the oral production of speakers as varied as language learners, users of English as Lingua Franca, native speakers, or speakers of English in academic contexts. This book also highlights the growing emphasis on the use of corpus-based research by examining the implications of corpus findings in educational settings.
Contents: María José Luzón/Mari Carmen Campoy/María Del Mar Sánchez/Patricia Salazar: Spoken Corpora: New Perspectives in Oral Language Use and Teaching – Anna Mauranen: Investigating English as a Lingua Franca with a Spoken Corpus – Viviana Cortes/Eniko Csomay: Positioning Lexical Bundles in University Lectures – Nancy Drescher: A Multi-dimensional Examination of Spoken Language in U.S. Universities – Paula García: Pragmatics in Academic Contexts: A Spoken Corpus Study – Javier Pérez Guerra: «Am I more complex when I speak or when I write?» A Corpus-based Study on Linguistic Complexity in Spoken and Written Present-day English – Amalia Mendes/Maria Fernanda Bacelar Do Nascimiento: Grammaticalization Processes in a Spoken Portuguese Corpus: Space, Time and Discourse – Yukio Tono: The Roles of Oral L2 Learner Corpora in Language Teaching: The Case of the NICT JLE Corpus – John Osborne: Investigating L2 Fluency through Oral Learner Corpora – Winnie Cheng: «Sorry to Interrupt, but…» Pedagogical Implications of a Spoken Corpus – Sylvie de Cock: Routinized Building Blocks in Native Speaker and Learner Speech: Clausal Sequences in the Spotlight – Fiona Farr: Spoken Language Analysis as an Aid to Reflective Practice in Language Teacher Education: Using a Specialised Corpus to Establish a Generic Fingerprint.