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Values and Foundations in Gifted Education

Kirsi Tirri

The educational system in each country reflects the values and talents that are considered important in that particular culture. Most of the cultures build their educational system on a concept of an intelligence, which is defined in Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences as the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings. Researchers and educators are challenged to identify the values and foundations underlying their practice. This book brings together recent work by leading international researchers in the fields of education, philosophy and psychology. It consists of thirteen chosen articles from the 10th Conference of the European Council for High Ability. The book is divided into four parts. While the first part deals with the values, virtues and gifts, the second part contains empirical studies on giftedness in the life-span. The third part is about science and high ability students. The fourth part discusses holistic education for high ability students.
Contents: Kirsi Tirri: Introduction – Ilkka Niiniluoto: Ethical Issues of Research and Education – Risto Saarinen: Virtues, Gifts and Talents: Protestant and Catholic Traditions – Jane Piirto: Understanding Visual Artists – Joan Freeman: What Happens when Gifted and Talented Children Grow Up? – Risto Hotulainen/Kristiina Lappalainen: Correlation Between Identified Academic Potential and Talent Development: Results from the 15-Year Study – James Reed Campbell: Parent-Teacher Partnerships: Maximizing Parental Influence – Helga Joswig: Supporting Highly Gifted Pupils in Lower Elementary Classes – Seokhee Cho/Minhee Kang/Doehee Ahn: Effects of Science High Schools on the Development of Talent in Science for Korean Gifted Students – Heidrun Stoeger/Albert Ziegler/Diana Schimke/Carolina Cozacu: Empirical Examination of a One-Year Mentoring Program for Gifted Girls in the Fields of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences – Joseph S. Renzulli/Sally M. Reis: A Computerized Strength Assessment and Internet Based Enrichment Program for Developing Giftedness and Talents – Jean-Luc Patry: VaKE - Introduction and Theoretical Background – Wilma Vialle: Spiritual Intelligence: An Important Dimension of Giftedness – Kirsi Tirri/Petri Nokelainen/Martin Ubani: Do Gifted Students Have Spiritual Intelligence?