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New Directions in LSP Teaching


Jan Engberg, Marianne Grove Ditlevsen, Peter Kastberg and Martin Stegu

Consisting mainly of contributions to the 15th LSP Symposium held in Bergamo in 2005, this volume is divided into three parts. The first part deals with specialized knowledge and its impact on LSP teaching. Another section analyses the relation between teaching language for specific purposes and the process of understanding. The last part is dedicated to curriculum design. Topics include the relations between different types of knowledge and expertise and the influence of cultural and domain specific background knowledge on linguistic choices.
Contents: Jan Engberg/Marianne Grove Ditlevsen/Peter Kastberg/Martin Stegu: Introduction – Martin Stegu: Der/die ‘ideale’ Fachsprachenlehrende im Spannungsfeld ‘ExpertIn - Laie’ – Stefania Cavagnoli: Per un approccio generalistico nell’insegnamento interculturale specialistico – Susanne Mühlhaus/Jan Engberg: Sollen Fachübersetzungslehrer eine Doppelqualifikation haben? – Peter Kastberg/Marianne Grove Ditlevsen: Persönliches Wissensmanagement - Ein Plädoyer für Fachkompetenz als problemlösende Wissen-Wie-Kompetenz – Francesca Maganzi Gioeni d’Angiò: L’adattamento dei riferimenti enciclopedici nella traduzione di testi storici – Paul William Miller: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Background Knowledge: A Case Study – Andrea Abel: Aspekte der Verständlichkeit in der elektronischen Lernerlexikographie – Franca Poppi: The Author’s Support in Textbook-mediated Learning: Focus on Economics and Marketing Textbooks – Richard J. Alexander: ‘Mortgage Repayments’ is More than a Phrase: The Cultural Content of Business English Phraseology – Živa Čeh: Efficient ESP Learning: Systematic Teaching of Word Combinations – Carmen Argondizzo: The I care Language: A Lexicon-based Analysis of the Discourse of Peace – Marianne Nordman: Concluding Sections of Dissertations – Violeta Jurković: The Effect of Language Learning Strategy Instruction on ESP Learning: A Project Presentation – Tünde Bajzát: LSP Research: the Correlation of University English Courses with the Needs of Engineering Practice.