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Reticence and Anxiety in Oral English Lessons

Meihua Liu

This study explores the field of EFL (English as a foreign language) classroom learning within a formal learning institution. Drawing on theories and methods from various disciplines, this book explores the question which has been frustrating language teachers: why do so many students remain reticent and anxious in language class?
Based on a large-scale survey and a more focused case study, the book argues persuasively that reticence and anxiety in formal EFL classrooms are important factors in determining the outcome of language learning. By means of a triangulated research method, this book examines various aspects of reticence and anxiety in EFL classroom learning situations. The author analyses causes and consequences, differences in terms of gender and proficiency level, and coping strategies.
Contents: EFL classroom – Oral English Lessons – Participation and Anxiety in Formal Classroom Learning Situation – A Triangulated Method of Collecting and Analyzing Data – A Communication Model in Formal Classroom Learning Situation – A Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Model in Formal Classroom Learning Situation.