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A Tangled Web

Medicine and Theology in Dialogue


R. John Elford and D. Gareth Jones

This book is the outcome of collaboration between medical and theological writers from within the Christian tradition. Its aim is to explore ways in which medicine and theology can be complementary and to counter the frequent examples of the two disciplines being in disagreement. The subjects chosen for discussion are selective and are grouped under three headings: Theological Background, Moral Boundaries, and Regulation and Policy. This enables the discussion to proceed from theology to specifics in medicine with a concluding emphasis on the practicalities of regulation and policy.
The book can, therefore, be read as an essay in applied ethics. It seeks to discover how cherished theological beliefs can work themselves out in relation to some of the specific questions raised by modern medical technologies. The argument throughout shows why theology has to listen carefully to medicine and how theology can then be of practical benefit, in enabling medicine to exercise its social responsibilities.
Contents: R. John Elford: Preface – D. Gareth Jones: Introduction – Gerard Mannion: Theologically-Informed Ethics: A New (Old) Paradigm? – R. John Elford: Divine/Human Love and Creativity – Adam Hood: A Personalist Approach to Bioethics – Ann Marie Mealey: The Bioethical Conscience – D. Gareth Jones/Maja I. Whitaker: Scientific Fraud: The Demise of Idealistic Science – D. Gareth Jones: The Human Body: An Anatomist’s Journey from Death to Life – D. Gareth Jones: Enhancement: Is Baseless Speculation Misleading Theologians and Bioethicists? – D. Gareth Jones: Is PGD a Form of Eugenics? – Gerard Mannion: Genetics and the Ethics of Community – D. Gareth Jones: Regulatory Procedures – J. Stephen Bellamy: Two Cheers for Public Consultations: But Where Have all the Ethics Gone? – Gerard Mannion: Horses and Carts: Ethics, Legislation and Regulation – R. John Elford: Conclusion.