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Crime and Punishment in Contemporary Greece

International Comparative Perspectives

Leonidas K. Cheliotis and Sappoh Xenakis

This book constitutes the most comprehensive and authoritative single work on crime and punishment in contemporary Greece. Bringing together empirical and theoretical work, it sheds light on a wide array of themes, from trends in the quantity and nature of crime, to attitudes towards crime and criminal justice, to criminal justice policies and practices. Primary chapters are followed by discussant pieces from specialists of jurisdictions elsewhere in Europe and North America, a format designed to highlight the mutual relevance of criminological research on Greece and that addressing other contexts internationally.
Contents: Michael Tonry: Foreword – Sappho Xenakis/Leonidas K. Cheliotis: Introduction – Leonidas K. Cheliotis/Sappho Xenakis: Crime, Fear of Crime and Punitiveness – Jonathan Jackson/Monica Gerber/Carolyn Côté-Lussier: Commentary – Giannis Panousis: Media, Crime and Criminal Justice – Robert Reiner: Commentary – Vassilis Karydis: Immigration and Crime – Didier Bigo: Commentary – Ioannis Papageorgiou: Youth and Crime – Leonidas K. Cheliotis: Commentary – Effi Lambropoulou: Corruption – Peter Bratsis: Commentary – Joanna Tsiganou: Drugs, Crime and Criminal Justice – Trevor Bennett: Commentary – Sappho Xenakis: Organised Crime and Political Violence – Vincenzo Ruggiero: Commentary – Margaret E. Beare: Commentary – Georgios Papanicolaou/Paraskevi S. Bouklis: Sex, Trafficking and Crime Policy – Claudia Aradau: Commentary – Efi Avdela: Honour, Violence and Crime – Pieter Spierenburg: Commentary – Valsamis Mitsilegas: The Impact of the European Union on the Criminal Justice System – Monica den Boer: Commentary – Minas Samatas: Surveillance – Kevin D. Haggerty: Commentary – Sophie Vidali: Police and Policing – Rob I. Mawby: Commentary – Angelika Pitsela: Youth Justice and Probation – John Muncie: Commentary – Charis Papacharalambous: The Adult Judicial System – Nicola Padfield: Commentary – Leonidas K. Cheliotis: Prisons and Parole – Roy D. King: Commentary.